It Is OK To Ask For Help

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By Heather Eddy, President and CEO, KEES

We’ve been in touch recently with a few organizations that have been trying to fill key roles by themselves, and after one, two, or even three rounds of interviews – still no hire. Vacancies in leadership or revenue-producing roles can result in lost opportunities for stakeholder engagement, in addition to all the other challenges that an open position presents.

Many people charged with leading recruiting for key roles may have good intentions, but no actual expertise in that particular position. They might lack a strong network of prospective candidates or connectors, or simply do not have the time necessary to do 1:1 networking. Yet organizations often believe that hiring an executive search firm would be too “expensive” an option.

Board members and employers often overlook the full cost of hiring, thinking only about direct expenses like salary and advertising. However, hiring the right employee is an investment not only of money but also time, resources and expertise.

So…why should you hire a search firm? Here are a few questions to consider:

  • How much time can you realistically dedicate to networking and reaching out to potential candidates?
  • How skilled are you at “selling” the opportunity to a talented executive who is already happily employed elsewhere?
  • Can you honestly say you are taking a proactive approach to hiring, or are you just reviewing resumes from people who see an advertisement somewhere?
  • How broad is your network?
  • Is filling this position the only job that someone has?
  • How objective can you and/or your team be?
  • How skilled/successful are you in hiring?
  • What is your plan for onboarding?

It is ok to ask for help!

An organization is a complex and delicate web of interrelated functions, individuals and groups of people united to achieve a specific purpose or mission. To keep your organization running smoothly, a skilled, experienced, and thorough approach to hiring is essential.

At KEES, we consider every search a partnership. We work with you not only to make a single hire, but also to build a successful and thriving team. CONTACT US to learn more!