Database Management and Training

KEES provides specialist knowledge to address database management, data strategy and unique reporting needs.

Whether it involves elevating your team’s current work with refined expertise, or ensuring database coverage during a position vacancy, KEES can fill your organization’s specific needs with expert-level knowledge.

Our Blackbaud Certified Raiser’s Edge Specialist has worked in many databases and coached current staff, developed new processes, cleaned and maintained data, and led database conversion.

In most cases, our consultant begins the project with a 3-4 day review of your current database processes and procedures, followed by a meeting to share findings and define priorities and timeline.

Our clients have shared with us that not only did our expertise enable them to solve problems, but also that we helped them understand their donor data in a whole new way.

Below are some ways we can strengthen your philanthropic impact through solid data management and strategic practices:

  • Data assessment, state of the data reports
  • Best practices creation and leave-behind manual specific to YOUR office practices
  • Reports creation and customization
  • Data analysis and segmentation work
  • Database optimization
  • Staff training
  • CRM research and recommendations, and implementation/conversion
  • Database integration with social media marketing and event management

Contact us to find out exactly how we can help you meet your data needs!