Additional Services

Please contact us directly about any of the service offerings below. Learn how we can help you with Event Planning here.


We offer a variety of ways to build the fundraising arm of your organization. Click on any link below to learn more:


KEES leadership is sometimes asked to consult as an expert witness in a legal proceeding, due to virtue of specific nonprofit expertise in the employment arena.  In one recent case, leadership interviewed participants and provided an expert opinion and written testimony to help resolve the matter efficiently and quickly.


A SPLASH Plan (Strategic Process Leveraging Action for Short-term Health) is a brief dip into any ONE strategic area of an organization and is customized to meet each client’s individual needs. A SPLASH Plan looks at one project, one goal or one strategy without making waves that disrupt other areas. It is shorter-term, typically impacting the organization in the coming 12-18 months, as opposed to a broader, multi-year strategic plan. Click here to learn more.