Board Recruitment and Development

“Want to resuscitate a dormant Foundation but not quite sure how to begin? From extensive networking to persistent follow-up, the experts at KEES literally recruited a new board of talented community residents for our Public Library Foundation. We have leaders, we have direction, we have strategies: We’re ready to roll.”

-Allan Ruter, Board of Trustees, Glenview Public Library

KEES helps nonprofits with board recruitment and board development to help strengthen your organization and move your mission forward. Organizations are almost always searching for new, energetic, affluent, passionate board members. Goals can vary:

  • Rejuvenate an already existing board
  • Add areas of expertise
  • “Upgrade” leadership
  • A full rebirth or reinvention

Outside, objective, confidential assistance is often the springboard to making these sometimes daunting goals come to fruition.

KEES has successful strategies to make board recruitment an exciting, efficient, and effective endeavor for starting, reinvigorating, or repairing a board. A high-functioning board will blend members with different strengths, ultimately creating the full array of needed contributions to the organization.

Here are just a few ways KEES can assist during the Board Recruitment and Development process:

  • Board development strategy
  • Board orientation materials
  • Board member fundraising guidance
  • Board member evaluation

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