HR Consulting

“Strategies don’t run your organization; people do. Hire, inspire, and engage your team.”

If having a successful team was as easy as simply hiring the right people, management would be so easy. For new leaders, it is often hard to get a true read on the state of various leaders and programs. In the area of Human Resources you can not afford gaps and deficiencies. One small gap area could lead to enormous risk for your organization.

KEES offers services that both Audit and Assess a Human Resources Function. We gather input from the Board and Staff, we examine existing HR files, and we review all policies and practices related to the implementation of employment programs and policies that drive success within your team. With an Audit/Assessment in place, we can then further guide effective practices that will lead to short and long term success.

We provide expert support in a wide range of HR service areas, including:

We also offer SPLASH Plans (Strategic Process Leveraging Action for Short-term Health) – a brief dip into one strategic area of an organization that is customized to meet each client’s individual needs.

We recognize that recruiting is just the first step toward building a highly effective organization. Strategic HR management is specialized work, and our team is here to reinforce and strengthen your existing HR functions.

Our expertise frees up your organization’s internal human resources staff to focus on high-level strategy and development.

Contact us to learn more about our HR consulting services and how specifically we can help your organization.