Diversity of Client Partners

Working primarily in the Nonprofit and Public Sectors with entities of all sizes, KEES serves partners with billion-dollar operations to those with just a few hundred thousand in resources. Our work helps catalyze missions, visions, and purposes to create the fabric of our society.

KEES, as a firm immersed in the nonprofit and public sectors, is deeply committed to strong, dynamic, and diverse leadership for a wide range of organizations, regardless of their specific missions. One of our key attributes is focusing on the β€œfit” of a candidate with the culture, mission, and identity of each client partner. As a team of leaders in the sectors we serve, we all come to our work with individual perspectives, which guide our collective work. As a firm, KEES is focused on excellent leadership for our client partners and is inclusive of a wide range of mission perspectives.

There are over 1.6 million tax-exempt organizations in the United States which embrace a multitude of 501(c) designations from churches and cultural centers to food banks, disaster relief organizations, and healthcare. KEES holds dear the core values of excellence, leadership, diversity, joyfulness, and inclusion. We are and have been proud to work with a wide range of clients from the most conservative to the most liberal in their mission, values, and programming. A premise of many aspects of this great nation is the wording β€œfor all.” 

The public sector employs 20.2 million people in the US and the local, state, and federal levels, approximately 14.5 percent of the workforce. This sector normally encompasses the services we enjoy from public transit, infrastructure, police, military, libraries, housing, education, healthcare and the government itself. Through the public sector, the whole of society benefits rather than just those that can pay for services.