Culture Audit

“A strong culture, supported by solid and effective management, bolsters an organization and keeps team members actively and passionately engaged.

Culture plays an enormous role in the health of an organization and encompasses all aspects of the organization’s environment.

Organizational culture is an amalgamation of employee life experiences combined with the impact of executive influence.

Other factors include:

  • Employee personal values
  • Workplace infrastructure, including procedures, behaviors, policies, relationships and employee expectations
  • Organizational stories and interactions
  • Employee recognition programs

It is also important to establish the effectiveness of management – not only the leaders of each organizational department, but also how each department functions as a team.

A Culture Audit determines the overall working environment and employee sentiments while establishing rules around employee interactions and team communication.

The audit also examines both the management method as a whole and the effectiveness and style of key management staff.

The purpose of the Culture Audit is to:

  • Understand current practices
  • Relate this understanding to organization operations and effectiveness
  • Suggest new procedures to improve the efficiency of leadership
  • Present efficiency gain and operational realignment related to these new procedures
  • Create benchmarks and projections for the future
  • Examine impact on finances to ensure stability

KEES will provide a report and accompanying plan for change based on the Culture Audit’s findings, which we will present for discussion and review. The report helps compare observed cultural traits and desired organizational goals, outlining the gaps between the organization’s present state and where it wants to be.

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