Sample Speaker Topics

Is Your Team on Fire?

Increasingly, trust and loyalty are cited as reasons why people stay in – or leave – a position. This session will look at all the facets of a high-performing team…how to hire, how to inspire, how to evaluate, and how to recalibrate. Long-time, new, and want-to-be managers will learn insights on building teams and ensuring they are passionate, vibrant and accountable.

Staff Assessment and Performance Coaching

This session is geared at smaller organizations in need of simple performance coaching who wish to understand how to assess a team, department or functional unit. The POP (Position, Outcomes, People) approach will be utilized, and attendees will walk away with a standard checklist for conducting their own POP Assessment.

Hiring and Retaining a Vibrant Major Gifts Team

In this session, we cover elements that set your Major Gifts program apart and are vital to enticing and attracting top level staff. Learn how the MG culture impacts satisfaction and longevity, strategies for helping retain staff (beyond the typical 22 months), and trending rewards and recognition that team members truly want.

Relationship Management: Why It Matters

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to manage and improve relationships with donors, employees, bosses, volunteers and more. Deliberate Moves Management and Relationship Building are key to furthering any conversation. Get tips, share your experiences, and learn how to build and nurture productive relationships.

Engaging your Board in Philanthropy

An important part of any Board Member’s responsibility is helping to garner resources; however, this is the part that many fear the most! Help your board members understand what “type” of board they currently are, and where they can go with philanthropy if they move forward. Steps to transform to a Philanthropic Board will be shared. Helpful examples of where any board can start, as well as where your board can grow will be discussed. Every board member should be involved in building a culture of philanthropy, even if they are not the one making the ask!

Networking Tips for Introverts

People OVERESTIMATE the power of their persuasiveness online and UNDERESTIMATE their persuasiveness in person. Find out the top reasons face-to-face networking works better, and learn how even the most introverted of us can become Networking Experts!

Are You Just Raising Money…
or Investing in Your Mission?

Philanthropy has always played a role in our institutions. But…is it worth it? Are we fund-raising, friend-raising, or investing? Whether your philanthropic initiative is in its infancy or more mature, this session will cover multiple fundraising strategies and determine where improvements can be made to ultimately transform the role philanthropy plays in your organization.

Salary Negotiations: A Consultative Approach

There are no losers in a successful negotiation…only two winners, where both get MOST of what they want. This informative presentation takes you through every step of effectively negotiating a salary when a new job offer is made.

Standing Out from the Crowd:
Make the Most of Your Annual Appeal

Have you ever wondered if an annual appeal is even worth it? Does the idea of donor segmentation send you running for cover? Are you unsure how to make your appeal stand out from the crowd? Let our annual fund experts show you simple strategies to make your next appeal truly compelling and achieve the ROI you’ve been seeking.