Specialty and Interim Staffing

Organizations often find themselves with a task that does not require a full-time staff member. Other times, a time-defined vacancy or ongoing functions cannot wait until a new member of the team is found.

We understand that your organization needs to continue functioning smoothly, even – and especially – when staffing disruptions arise.

KEES can often provide an immediate solution, whether from our own team, strategic partners, or our broad network of professionals. We can help you undertake a special project, provide part-time consulting, or temporarily fill a critical role,
allowing your organization to focus fully on overall objectives and mission fulfillment without missing a beat.

We have provided interim staffing for a variety of leadership positions, including President/Executive Director, CFO/VP of Programs, CDO/Director of Development, VP/Director of Human Resources, and various senior and mid-level nonprofit roles in HR and Development. Visit our Sample Specialty Staffing Projects web page to learn more.

Recent areas for which we have provided interim support, whether as a stand-alone project or as part of a larger partnership, include:

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