green-key@2x Executive Search

KEES works in conjunction with our sister company, Alford Executive Search (AES), to provide multiple Executive Search solutions to nonprofit organizations across the country.

We believe that the single most important factor contributing to the success of an organization is the ability to hire and retain outstanding people who can get the job done.  While this may sound simple, it is profoundly complex and requires an approach designed to hire the best people, not just fill a job.

Our search philosophy and approach are based upon the following key (or “KEE”) principles:

  • For a new hire to achieve success, success must be clearly defined.  Finding the best person requires an in-depth definition of the performance desired from that person – performance objectives that support your organization’s goals.
  • Past performance is the greatest predictor of future success.
  • A wide net alone does not guarantee the best candidates.  Sourcing strategies must be multi-leveled, targeted and creative.  Our firm has built an enormous network of relationships since Alford Executive Search, a division of KEES, was established in 2000.  We use this network to search and source for candidates, utilizing both proactive and reactive methods.
  • Chemistry counts, but not without the performance to go with it.  Emotion and intuition are influencers in the hiring decision but they should never be the drivers.
  • The hiring decision is a career choice for both the candidate and the employer and as such should be handled in a consultative and professional manner.

Our typical searches are for the following roles: CEO/Executive Director/President, VP/Director of Development, CFO/COO/CIO, Director of Marketing, and other key leadership positions.

Our track record of successful national and local searches and our long-term client relationships are proof that our philosophy and approach deliver the desired results.

Whether you are looking for full Retained Executive Search services, support to an in-house processsearch coachingexecutive coaching, or specialty staffing on a short or long term basis, KEES can help!