Nominate Your Volunteer Superhero!

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  1. Superhero Volunteer
  2. Superhero Board Chair
  3. Superhero Board Member

As National Volunteer month comes to a close this week, and on National Superhero Day, tell us about your Volunteer Superheroes!  KEES wants to thank and celebrate volunteers and leaders that make the nonprofit and public sector vibrant, diverse, and strong. Nominated winners will be spotlighted by KEES and the winners will be able to direct a charitable contribution to the nonprofit of their choice.

These special volunteers, Real Life Superheroes, truly make a difference with their extraordinary impacts to the organizations they serve. Nominations can include the following Superheroes:

  1. Superhero Volunteer – Who can you count on no matter what? Who always responds to requests, raises their hand, and are known by name by those served in your program?
  2. Superhero Board Chair – Do you have an amazing Board Chair? Do you have a Board Chair that has led your organization through some transitions or tough times?
  3. Superhero Board Member – Is there a particular Board Member that shines? Is there someone that took on a special project and went over and above? Is there a Board Member extraordinaire that has helped guide your mission through some great new initiatives?

To submit your Volunteer Superhero nomination, please nominate your volunteer by commenting and liking one or more of KEES social media posts about Volunteer Superheroes. Comments should include the Volunteer Superhero that deserves recognition and why. Nominations should be made directly on one of KEES’ social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), or on all of them! Of all nominations, KEES will award 3 Volunteer Superhero Awards.

All entries are due by Wednesday May 5, 2022. Volunteers can be nominated by multiple people or organizations, but we request that if someone has already been nominated, you encourage others to like/share that nomination. Winners selected at the sole discretion of KEES. All winners will be spotlighted by KEES and the winner will be able to direct a charitable contribution to the nonprofit of their choice.

Thank you to the extraordinary volunteers that deserve special recognition throughout this month and always. The dedication, commitment, and service to others are appreciated and on behalf of the entire KEES team, we thank you for being a Volunteer Superhero!