Unlocking the Potential of 2024 – KEES Predictions

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As January unfolds, predictions become a focal point in social discussions and across various media platforms. With only 11 months to go, the KEES team shares our ten predictions for 2024 based on our work in the nonprofit and public sector markets. Please add your predictions to the list here: LinkedIn Post

  1. Resource limitations will propel change. As public and nonprofit resources tighten, hiring will require a rethinking of traditional roles, greater use of technology, and collaboration between entities to share resources, knowledge, and people.
  2. More balance in the employment relationship is emerging. The past few years have been driven by employees and job seekers. Now, employers are starting to reshape the relationship more equitably.
  3. Generational tensions in the workplace will be turbulent and continue to shape society’s definition of “workplace.” With five generations in the workforce, Boomers aren’t going anywhere, and Gen Z is just gaining its place. Millennials comprise much of the workforce. Generational tension is high and remains a top source of conflict.
  4. Wage/Salary Compression must be addressed. Nonprofits continue to struggle, perhaps to a greater degree, with competitive compensation. KEES has seen wage inflation as high as 30% from previous hiring. Addressing this challenge requires raising both base salary and level/kind of benefit offerings. Public/governmental organizations face an even greater struggle, and wage compression poses an enormous challenge for them.
  5. Flexibility is tied to compensation. With the “HB: Hybrid Battle” still in full force, will the definition of “in the office” change permanently? 4-day work weeks, flexibility, and remote work are still hot topics, and the discussion is by no means over. Is the real term “life-work balance” as opposed to “work-life balance”?
  6. Hiring that settled for “good” versus “excellent” in the past three years is changing. More than ever, KEES is seeing job movement from people who switched jobs as recently as 2021.
  7. Longevity is not valued equally across decision-makers. Related to generational values, the workplace will churn people and roles more frequently than ever before. Gone are the days of employees staying 10-15-20+ years. Meaningful work (alone) will not be enough for people to stay long-term. People are seeking life-work balance, new challenges, and growth. Employees expect to have many jobs which may or may not be in the traditionally defined career trajectory. Employers should recognize this when reviewing resumes.
  8. Decline in fertility/birth rates and immigration growth will dramatically impact the US workforce in the coming decade. Fewer births since 1970 mean fewer workers aged 65 and under at the same time the population shifts due to immigration.
  9. Consultants will be more prevalent as a “normal” part of the team/workforce. A trend first discussed in 2023 was that employees were leaving, and then returning as SMEs (subject matter experts). This approach allows more specialized knowledge that can be flexible to both the individual (in terms of workspace and location) and the employer (getting expertise as needed and not always in a full-time capacity).
  10. 2024 will be a great year! Unanimously, the KEES team feels that 2024 has enormous potential to be a great year. The sectors are filled with smart, eager, innovative individuals who want to make a difference and create change.

We value collaboration and would value YOU adding your predictions to our list here: LinkedIn Post. As a nonprofit executive search firm committed to building diverse teams with dynamic leaders in the nonprofit and public sectors, our foresight extends beyond recruitment, encompassing the evolving landscape of the sectors we passionately serve. CEO search is our specialty. Explore our vision for the future as we navigate the social conversations and media trends of the year ahead. To add your predictions to our list, please contact us here or connect directly with the KEES team.