DuPagePads Client Success Story

DuPagePads first engaged KEES in Summer 2018 to conduct a staffing and structure review of the organization’s leadership and development teams. Over a 4-week period, interviews were conducted with all leadership and development staff members. KEES worked closely with DuPagePads President/CEO, Carol Simler, to design a structure that would help the organization most effectively continue to work towards its mission to end homelessness in DuPage County.

Part of the proposed structure was for DuPagePads to add two new members to its leadership team: a Vice President of Development and a Vice President of Programs. DuPagePads and KEES continued their working relationship with an Executive Search partnership to find the right individuals for the two integral VP roles.

In February 2019, Chad Pedigo (Vice President of Development) and Scott Austgen (Vice President of Programs) stepped into their new roles. However, our search partnership with DuPagePads—indeed, with all of our search clients—does not end once the successful candidate begins.

Our partnership with DuPagePads will continue until February 2020 with periodic meetings between KEES, the new placement(s), and DuPagePads leadership to ensure that Mr. Pedigo and Mr. Austgen are well-positioned for ongoing success during their first year of employment.

“We were thrilled to work with KEES in conducting a comprehensive search process for the two new members of our team. The KEES team’s professional expertise, coaching, and genuine concern for finding the best candidate helped identify the top candidates for these roles. We are very pleased with the results of the marketing efforts and support we received in finding the best candidates!”

-Carol Simler, President & CEO, DuPagePads