Remote Working Tips

We know many are transitioning to remote work for the next few weeks. KEES has been a virtual firm for several years, so we asked our team members to share tips they have for working successfully from home. Here are a few of our suggestions.

  • Stay focused. Get up and ready for work like you do normally when you go to the office. Keep up your morning routine.
  • Over-communicate with your boss and team, at least early on during this work from home phase – this will go a long way toward staying connected and assuring all that you are on-task.
  • Carve out an area that is all yours – even if you don’t have an actual office/room, create a “work nook” that feels separate from the rest of your home.
  • Don’t get distracted by household chores. 
  • Set yourself some designated “mental health” break time to stretch, have a snack, check your phone, etc. But be sure to keep the breaks limited and then get back to work!
  • Have patience and be compassionate with yourself as you get used to a new rhythm and routine.
  • Be mindful of snacking. Eat meals as you usually do. If you can, take a brief walk outside during your lunch break.
  • Find background noise that keeps you productive, if it helps you. Sometimes turning on the TV in another room helps, or find a playlist/soundtrack with minimal lyrics to play in the background. You can even find YouTube recordings of coffee shop or city ambient noise!