Baleva Maurice Ward

Baleva Maurice Ward

Associate Vice President

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With over a decade of professional experience in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives, Maurice is an expert in establishing, building and growing concepts and programs in multiple sectors. He brings a multifaceted employee understanding of societal systems of bias that present themselves in government, nonprofit and private industry, and regularly consults to various organizations

Maurice currently serves as Diversity and Inclusion Manager for PEMCO Mutual Insurance, where he created and is accountable for leading and driving diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategic initiatives specific to the business model. His recent accomplishments include:

  • Establishing a framework for and carrying out a comprehensive vision for DEIB
  • Aligning DEIB initiatives, delivery, and narrative to leadership intent
  • DEIB Best Practices and thought leadership
  • Applying DEIB lenses to sustainability efforts
  • Increasing employee and community engagement and establishing Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

He chairs the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Exchange for the Institute of Corporate Productivity (i4cp), leading a community of DEI leaders that explore innovative approaches to strengthening DEI strategies and practices. Earlier in his career, Maurice was a consultant to public and private sector clients with expertise in DEI strategy, implementation, and coaching. Increasingly his focus has shifted to ensuring sustainability efforts allow embracing diverse communities and the unique voices they support. With increasing challenges related to climate change, resource scarcity and population growth, Maurice brings professional experience to help organizations and employers work together to create a more resilient world.

Applying a DEIB lens to sustainability efforts through a Vendor Management Program is often a starting point for corporations to expand DEIB efforts to sustainability and encourage community partners to consider their impact on the environment to ensure that vibrant communities exist in balance with nature.

A proud US Navy Veteran, Maurice arrived in Washington state serving on the USS Camden AOE-2 and has called the greater Seattle area home for many years, developing strong ties to community organizations and the services they provide. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Seattle Central Community College in Applied Social Sciences. KEES and Maurice met on a previous project and partner together on projects where Maurice can bring additional DEIB expertise to the KEES team.