Scarleth Lever Ortiz

Scarleth Lever Ortiz

Associate Vice President

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Scarleth is a certified diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professional, racial equity practitioner and a seasoned housing policy expert. Scarleth spearheaded transformative initiatives in some of the nation’s largest housing authorities. As the inaugural Senior VP of DEI at the King County Housing Authority, Scarleth played a pivotal role in advancing equitable practices. Prior to her tenure in King County, she served as the founding director of the Office of DEI at the Chicago Housing Authority, where she established programs and activities aimed at enhancing cultural competency, collaboration, and access, especially for underrepresented populations. Her diverse background includes serving as an Aldermanic Aide and Director of Legislative Affairs for the City of Chicago 1st Ward Alderman, where she honed her skills in community engagement and policy development.

Currently, Scarleth contributes her expertise as an Associate Vice President with KEES. Her role involves providing subject matter expertise (SME) and innovative solutions to enhance search strategies, particularly in the realm of DEI within government and non-profit sectors. Scarleth is renowned nationally for her work in advancing equity and is committed to supporting projects that promote inclusivity and accessibility.

Scarleth holds a master’s degree in urban planning and policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as a bachelor’s degree in global studies from the University of Minnesota. She is actively engaged in professional development, currently participating in the Adaptive Community Leadership Program at Leadership Eastside and is a Leadership Greater Chicago fellow since 2018. As a first-generation immigrant from Mexico City, Scarleth brings a unique perspective to her work, having lived in various cities across the globe, including Minneapolis, Paris, Las Vegas, Chicago, and now in the Seattle metropolitan area.