Richard Nettles, Grow Your Own

“After time in my new position at GYO, I’m reminded of how challenging the search process can be for candidates and employers. I’d like to extend my gratitude to KEES/Alford Executive Search for the thorough selection process they curated. The team did an amazing job filling in the gaps that tend to be present throughout the hiring process. Thank you!”

Ed Noh, Hawaiʻi State Public Charter School Commission

“I have been involved in search committees before, both as a hiring manager and as a candidate, but nothing compares to the thoughtful process that KEES has executed. Every step of the process was clearly communicated, responses were timely, and the feedback was thorough and invaluable. I was very impressed by the KEES team for their expertise during my hiring process. Each and every member was attentive, flexible, and very professional. (They even accommodated my schedule while traveling abroad across several time zones!). Overall, my hiring process was a great experience and KEES receives my highest recommendation.”

Kelly Fuller, NeighborHealth Center

“As we were in process of hiring another firm, someone suggested we consider using KEES. Their team was responsive and eager. After meeting them, we felt they were a solid fit for what NeighborHealth Center needed as an early-stage healthcare center. Since this hire was our first “official” search (the Founding CEO retired) we did not have an exact profile. KEES not only helped us identify the critical attributes we wanted in this role but went on to present us a national panel of different and diverse candidates. While we first thought we needed one profile, we came to realize we really needed a CEO with a different profile. KEES’ patient and experienced counsel made the difference. We ultimately hired a dynamic and gifted CEO who is exactly what NeighborHealth needs. Our Board highly recommends KEES for your executive search and any other strategic operational or guidance your organization may need.”

Center for Enriched Living

“I am singing high praise for KEES on their invaluable help in our Director of Development search. They are the ultimate professionals and so thorough and thoughtful in their approach. Communications were clear and consistent, and all deadlines were met. KEES holds high standards and only presented the most highly qualified candidates. We ended up with an outstanding Director of Development who has not only met but exceeded our expectations. Thank you KEES for an outstanding job!”

Dotti Sharp, Covenant Community Care

“I highly recommend KEES as an Executive Search partner. Covenant Community Care researched and interviewed 8 search firms and narrowed the finalists down to 3. We choose KEES because Heather [Eddy] understood where we were at and where we wanted to go. KEES is professional, responds quickly to requests, and kept the process moving forward even during a pandemic. The entire KEES team is great to work with. The Search Committee could never have managed on our own all that KEES did for us – a CEO search is time consuming and a lot of work! We would definitely partner with KEES again.”

Candidate Quote

“I think one thing that KEES does differently in the executive search process (having worked with a few other firms) is that in addition to taking care of your client, you also took good care of the candidates. That helps build a good feeling about both the client and about KEES. I also think you took the mystery out of the process, on both ends (and I like your 4 step process) and that helps too. You asked great questions without being super formal. Felt like you got to know ME, not just my resume.”

Glenview Public Library

“Want to resuscitate a dormant Foundation but not quite sure how to begin? From extensive networking to persistent follow-up, the experts at KEES literally recruited a new board of talented community residents for our Public Library Foundation. We have leaders, we have direction, we have strategies: We’re ready to roll.”


“We are excited about our new Director of Development! We could not have found a candidate of this quality without KEES’ help. Thank you for all of the great advice and support you have provided over the last few months. And thank you also for providing Interim Staffing during the search, ensuring a smooth transition.”

North Shore Art League

“Specialty staffing is exactly what we need and is allowing us to move forward in a way that will be so much more effective. This view is shared by the whole committee. Thanks for great work and all you’re doing. Can’t imagine a better experience to take us where we want to go.”

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